Video:  How to Install an Efficient EMR, Without Disrupting Treatments or Cash Flow

In a recent survey, 91% of practice owners acknowledged that their EMR is slow and inefficient.  They are also experiencing tremendous frustration with declining reimbursements.

Despite those facts, practice owners hesitate to change to a faster EMR because they are worried about further negative impact on patient treatments and reimbursements.

Systems4PT has solved this problem.  We call this “The Stress-Free Installation. “

The practice gradually transitions from their slow and inefficient EMR to Systems 4PT’s efficient solution.  Dirty claims (that aren’t being properly paid) are replaced by clean claims that are paid on first submission.

There’s no abrupt change.  Instead, there is gradually but steadily more time to spend treating (instead of typing), and reimbursements significantly improve.

Stress is decreased almost immediately.

This 2-minute video will demonstrate the process.

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