Treatment Volume is Back!  Watch Out for Therapist Burnout

FINALLY, we’re seeing average treatment rates higher than pre-pandemic levels.

On a same-practice basis, Systems 4PT practices’ average treatment volume in April ’21 was 4% higher than pre-pandemic, April 2019.

How These Practices Recovered

When patients are the center of your focus, referrals are strong.  Therapists using Systems 4PT spend more time treating and less time typing.  In addition, our therapists have the least documentation homework and the lowest burnout in the industry.

Patients Notice When Therapists are Balanced vs. Burned Out.

The Great News About Practice Profitability

We are thrilled that this increase revenue falls right to Systems 4PT practices’ profit line.  Because s4pt delivers all the add ons (such as telehealth, patient portal, and surveys) without add-on charges… It is common for Systems 4PT practices to pay 35% less than for the other leading EMR/billing options.

Higher Treatment Rates + Low Costs =  More Profit

The Challenges of Returning to Normal With Other EMRs

As their treatment rates return to normal, MANY practices are experiencing two unwelcome realities:

  1. As treatment rates increase, so does Therapist homework and burnout
  2. Yes, patient volume is returning to normal, but expenses are now higher than ever, meaning profit is lower than normal.

You remember that prior to the pandemic, Therapist burnout was one of the top problems in Outpatient Rehab.     Burnout is caused by slow, checklist EMR which buries Therapists in documentation homework.

And while treatment rates were low, many bank-owned EMRs urged their practices to buy add-on features to accelerate recovery.  It’s odd that so many practices that are spending (a lot) more are recovering more slowly than practices that simply focus on the basics.

Is  Burnout Creeping Back Into Your Practice?

While Your “Nickle Dime” EMR is Siphons Off Your Profit?

How to Keep Things Simple, Keep Things Fun and Keep Things Successful

Anticipating patient volume above pre-pandemic levels, how do you make practice “scalable”?

What we mean:

As Your Practice Grows Busier Than Ever

How Will You Keep Patient Treatment More Joyful Than Ever?

How Can You Enable Your Practice to Stand Out, and Not Burnt Out?

The answer is “to master the basics” before adding expensive gimmicks.

Systems 4PT delivers:

  • Documentation that takes half the time with twice the Medicare compliance
  • The Lowest homework of any EMR
    • This means the lowest Therapist burnout in the industry
  • The ability for Therapists to spend their time treating not typing
    • Making treatment both joyful and scalable
  • For 35% less than you spend today for EMR and billing

The most efficient EMR in Outpatient Rehab . . . . That doesn’t pick your pocket.

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