Treating From Home, Without “Homework”

Medicare aside, it is heartening that most payers are reimbursing full price for telehealth CPT codes.

But speaking to a patient’s face on a computer screen, each of us share the same awkward feeling,

“We are delivering therapy in a way that therapy was never meant to be delivered”.

Without access to hands-on treatments, therapists are forced to reinvent what Physical Therapy and Occupational Therapy means.

You want to focus 110% of your energy on “virtual therapy”.  But therapists have also been assigned to singlehandedly master the new world of telehealth billing.

Meanwhile, other EMRs offer one webinar after another, each with different advice than the previous.  Why didn’t they get the message right the first time?  All of this leaves you stuck at home, scoring outcome tests, or not worrying about functional testing because you don’t have the bandwidth.  We are all thinking the same thing,

“There’s got to be a better way”.

Here’s the better way:

  • Sytems 4PT auto-scores and auto-documents functional outcome testing, including detailed patient progression.
  • Telehealth evaluations are pre-loaded with an average 1,250 words of patient-specific detail.
  • Your all-new treatment plans, needed for virtual therapy, are saved in a library. Future notes populate these telehealth-specific plans with one click. Likewise, other therapists in your practice have full access to the shared virtual library, even from their homes.
  • Daily notes are documented in less than two minutes
  • Systems 4PT takes care of telehealth billing for you

You sign the telehealth note

Systems 4PT adds all the special telehealth / E*visit codes

It’s our job to get the claim paid

No outdated cheat sheets

No contradictory webinars

No one expects you to be a telehealth billing guru

Treat More, Type Less

… We’ll get the telehealth claims paid

Amidst the COVID 19 crisis, Systems4PT has waived all startup and training fees. You won’t incur any fees until after you’re paid.

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