Three Reasons Why Web-Based PT EMR Will Never Be As Fast, As Compliant, Or As Well Paid As Systems 4PT 

Our previous blog detailed and celebrated five breakout EMR advancements delivered by Systems 4PT in 2019:

  1. Therapists lowered documentation time an average 14 hours per week, each week, during 2019.
  2. Our 2019 nationwide average collections per claim were the second highest in the past 8 years!
  3. Compliance in 2019 was greater than ever.
  4. MIPS delivered an average score of 95.6 points, at no extra charge!
  5. Systems 4PT’s customer satisfaction is 67% higher than the next closest EMR.

Today we list the three reasons why web-based PT EMR hasn’t delivered the same for you.

1. Systems 4PT is cloud based, not web based.

Systems 4PT delivers totally superior results, because we use totally different architecture.

  • In our cloud-based system, the therapist is working remotely in a $5 million dollar array of servers, equivalent to thousands of laptop computers
  • With web-based PT EMR, you’re working directly on your $2,000 laptop
  • Therapists using cloud based EMR have instant access to their entire database including every note, outcome test, CPT code, and payment ever created for their practice.
  • With web-based PT EMR, you endure web lag while you wait for data to be sent to your laptop. Functionality is then limited to only the data that resides on your laptop.

Web-based PT EMR will never be as fast, as compliant, or as well paid as Systems 4PT

2. Systems 4PT is owned and managed by our founding management team.

  • The other two leading EMRs are owned by investment banks.
  • Since 2002, Systems 4PT has intentionally limited our growth to ensure profitability.
  • We believe that Systems 4PT is the most profitable EMR in outpatient rehab.
  • Because we are profitable and stable, WE set the priorities for our company:
    • The highest compliance
    • With the fastest documentation (half the time of any other EMR)
    • With the highest collections (an average 9.6% higher)
    • For less than the practice previously paid for EMR and billing

It’s different with bank owned EMRs (We all know the bank’s priority)


Thus, Systems 4PT is increasing our development budget by 75% for 2020

3. Systems 4PT is product driven vs. marketing driven

It’s easy to spot the marketing driven EMRs. Their claim to fame is that they’re “the most trusted” or they rationalize that they’re the best, because they’re the biggest.

The momentum in EMR has shifted!

There’s an EMR who can’t celebrate improvements in 2019, but who promises to save your practice in the roaring 2020’s.

And there’s Systems 4PT, celebrating five breakout successes in 2019, and now increasing technology spending by 75%.

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