Therapists Will Be Scientists

Our patent-pending technology will employ Artificial Intelligence to analyze each patient’s diagnoses, risk factors, severities, and other evidence. Therapists will be scientists who analyze nationwide outcome data to identify those treatment plans that are proven to yield the highest patient progression for the given diagnoses and risk factors. Think of the process as a Google search used to find “The top three or four nationwide treatment plans for sciatica for obese 60 – 65-year old’s who smoke.” The defensive documentation provided by Artificial Intelligence will yield statistical proof that the chosen plan of care will restore the identified functional deficit(s).

How patient outcomes are measured and utilized will be turned on its head in this new paradigm. This new technology will identify that treatment plan “A” yields 35% progression in 8 visits, while treatment plan “B” yields 65% progression in 12 visits, and treatment plan “C” yields 82% progression, but requires 16 visits. This expanded use of outcomes will be very good for the patient (82% progression vs. 35%), very good for the practice (16 visits vs. 8), and, in the process, will statistically validate that outpatient rehab is the most cost-effective medical alternative. Moreover, this expanded use of outcomes holds the payer accountable for the fact that the patient is paying for insurance to restore their functional deficit(s), not to minimize their number of visits!

Every patient will be part of the therapist’s scientific quest to constantly improve patient outcomes. Based on experience, therapists will be free to apply their clinical judgment and alter the statistically superior treatment plans.  For the first time in their careers, therapists will be able to quantify the impact that specific changes in treatments have on patient outcomes.

Learn more in our white paper, “The Golden Era of Outpatient Rehab,” and join the revolution.

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