Therapist Burnout is Hotter Than Ever

This is Not Sustainable

Nationwide, Systems 4PT practice treatment rates have returned to pre-COVID levels. The same is probably true for your practice. You have orchestrated a fantastic recovery!

But in 2021, normal treatment rates are anything but “normal”.

Pre COVID, back in 2019, an EMR spokeswoman described outpatient therapist burnout as, “a crisis”.

Fast forward to 2021, early morning / late-night appointments, treating on weekends, keeping your patients, staff and yourself safe. . . These factors SIGNIFICANTLY increase stress above the previous burnout crisis levels.

Therapist Burnout is Not Sustainable

Something Has to Change

The burnout crisis started before COVID. Burnout is caused by inefficient EMR. Spending nights and weekends documenting from home infiltrates your life. There is no time to think. No time to recharge. This is the root cause of therapist burnout. Today, COVID makes the situation even worse.

You have orchestrated an impressive recovery by reacting to challenges. Just as you did with spacing appointments, disinfectant protocols and social distancing, further adjustments will be needed to continue improving.

It’s Time to Address Therapist Burnout

In Today’s Age of Technology

There is No Reason Why Therapists Should Spend Nights & Weekends Documenting

You and your Therapists need to recharge during nights and weekends. Say no to documentation homework.


Someday soon, when you can take lunch, we would like to show you the solution:

Systems 4PT EMR:

  • Extracts the patient’s medical history from the electronic check in portal
    • Medical history, patient concerns, medications, outcome test name, date and score are all auto filled in the evaluation. Touch free
  • Systems 4PT recommends an average 1,250 patient-specific words in each evaluation
    • If you type 60 words per minute, this saves you 20 minutes of typing
  • Most Systems 4PT daily notes are signed at point of care, not at home
    • And (from our analysis of 650,000 daily visits) we’ve proven that point of care documentation does not negatively impact patient progression
  • Installed with our unique, “Stress Free” installation
    • Conversion is a gradual, relaxed process.

Systems 4PT applauds your recovery. The next important step is to eliminate therapist burnout. Let’s talk soon.

Treat More, Type Less

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