Telehealth Trends:  It’s Time to Audit Your EMR Bill

Telehealth was a very important tool during the initial days of the pandemic.

But as the graph shows, telehealth visits are on a downward trend, representing only 0.3% of total visits during June, 2021.

Many practices are being charged extra for telehealth per month, sometimes even per therapist.  Given telehealth’s predictable ongoing decline in rehab, it’s a good idea to edit your monthly EMR bill.  Why pay (a lot) extra, for something you don’t use?

Systems4PT offers our “you sign the telehealth claims, we’ll add the necessary place of service & reason codes to get the claims paid”, at no additional charge.

Systems 4pt also does not charge for patient appointment reminders, electronic patient intake portals, patient satisfaction surveys, scan storage, and QCDR MIPS submission.

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