How are Systems 4PT practices doing with telehealth

Telehealth is brand new. Learn what other therapists are saying about Systems 4PT’s “Your job is to treat the patient our job is to get the claim paid” approach to telehealth

I just wanted to send the Systems4PT team a heartfelt “Thank You!” I truly appreciate all the extra effort you all are putting into Systems4 right now. You make everything easier for me as a small practice owner. I know I am better off because of Systems4PT! Keep doing what you do and God Bless you all!

Life is a Shipwreck, but we must not forget to Sing in the Lifeboats!


Thank you so much for keeping us updated and informed on PPP and the other helpful programs. We would not have known about either of them without you.

Because you were so quick to give us the information, we were able to get our PPP application in on the first day our bank opened up the application process.

So grateful for your company!

Thank you!!!

Heather Pierce RDH, Director, North Naples Physical Therapy

Thank you for the amazing due diligence on behalf of all of us on this side of the Systems4PT equation. These are trying times for sure.

The good news is here at Agape, we are coming up with an intelligent plan to re-engage our patients in our communities with more than Telehealth (sooner than later).

More than words can express, we certainly appreciate how seamlessly you and your team have made this transition for us.


Frank Nowak, PT, Owner, Agape Physical Therapy

Thank you for all your support and info during this very strange time. You’ve been amazing and thankfully correct whenever I start to doubt what you are saying!

Just want you to know, I appreciate your whole organization. Your words have been encouraging and help us stay strong. We will get thru this.

Thank you again,

Ellen Hassert Levine, PT , Director The Back Clinic, Inc.

Thank you so much for all of your information and dedication. Your constant information and care has been a lifeline.

Kind regards

Denise Keehn PT, DPT, Owner, Northern Valley Physical Therapy

I really want you to know how much we appreciate all the work S4PT has done in the past 3 weeks to turn us into a successful Telehealth PT provider. It’s impressive how you have a Rapid Response Team that has navigated us through the maze of information from the payors that was new and changing every day. Talk about flying by the seat of your pants!

I cannot imagine all the hours spent in days, nights, and weekends that your software development team has put in. You have gone above and beyond all our expectations. There is no other EMR we would want to be with in this COVID19 crisis!

Thank you for your frequent updates and continuing communication. We feel that we can completely trust S4PT to implement all the changes that are required for successfully billing telehealth. We are grateful that you are using intelligent ways to automate the system to make it easier for our therapists to document and bill using all the new codes and modifiers.

Plus, the Telehealth Revenue Forecast Model you gave to us is extremely helpful!! You were up to bat first with this and you hit a home run!

One of the marks of a great organization is that they are Nimble. Meaning how quickly they assess a sudden change and not react with doom and gloom but seize the opportunity to embrace the change and make a plan to lead their organization through it.

At the start, you announced your goal: To enable therapists to treat more and type less. Now, in just 3 short weeks, you have analyzed thousands of variables and built a new component in your EMR and revealed the “new system” and instructed us how to operate it. This is a milestone achievement!

Thank you!!

Alice Read RN, MSN, Practice Administrator, Integrated Physical Therapy

It’s moments like these that make me glad I signed on with Systems4PT a long time ago. You guys are great to work with.

Dan Staats DPT, OCS, MTC, Cert. SMT, Cert DN, MSKUS, RMSK, Owner, Staats Physical Therapy

GREAT JOB SYSTEMS crew! We appreciate all the many long hours, sleepless nights and hard work! Sending virtual hugs…because that’s all we can do. That is hard for us “huggers”. Have a fabulous weekend!

Allison Tipton, OTRL, CHT, Owner, Canyon Hand Therapy

I attended the March 24th webinar and was left thinking the heads of the staff at S4PT must be just spinning with how to deal with this telehealth phenomena with only a week to get it done. Every single payer using different methods of payment and different requirements. At least in MA the governor has provided guidelines for commercial payers such as no risk sharing and CPT code payment will be the same as face to face. I’m also confident most states are not as proactive and progressive as MA making your jobs unfathomable from a non-geek’s point of view.

Anyway, wanted to give you guys a shout that I really, really appreciate your dedication to your clients and your commitment to the PT industry. I think you both know I lucky I feel to have S4PT on my side.

Prefers to be anonymous

I do want to let you know I am so proud the entire Systems 4PT team! It is definitely, as you have proven again and again, the best business decision I have made since deciding to open my practice! Thank you again!


Deborah Koval, PT, DPT, GCS, ATC, CEEAA, President, Restorative Therapy and Wellness, LLC