Systems 4PT Expands Live Telephone Technical Support to 24/7/365

Systems 4PT has expanded live telephone technical support hours to 24/7/365, which includes Sundays and holidays. “We are thrilled to add this new service,” commented Kim Frazita, Director of Customer Service. “We have many practices that begin treating at 4:00 am eastern time and others that treat as late as 7:00 pm in Hawaii. Now, technical support is just a phone call away for all of them.”

“This improvement really bucks the trend in outpatient rehab,” added Joe Montgomery, President, and Founder of Systems 4PT. “The other two leading EMRs are owned by Venture Capital banks. They’ve cut support, asking for emails instead of phone calls. We’re proud to say that Systems 4PT is the gold standard for service in outpatient rehab. We answer customer calls in an average of three rings and we’re pleased to be able to expand our live customer support to 24/7/365.”

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