Stable Collections for the Past 5 Years –

How Systems 4PT Delivered It and

Why Your EMR Didn’t

Systems 4PT’s average nationwide collections per claim have been stable for the past 5 years.


Systems4PT practices enjoyed stable reimbursements while the rest of the industry declined.

Four Reasons to Choose Systems 4PT for Greater Reimbursements

1. With Systems 4PT, Co-Insurance and Deductible Balances Are Visible to Your Admin Staff at Patient Intake

With Systems 4PT, billing is integrated in the same database as scheduling and EMR. Web-based PT EMR uses non-integrated therapy billing, so co-insurance and deductibles are not communicated to your admin staff.  As a result, 3-4% of revenue goes unnoticed and uncollected.

Systems 4PT’s integrated billing will increase your revenue up to 4% at check in!

2. Systems 4PT Practices Submit Clean Claims, with an Average 99.87% First-Pass Acceptance Rate

Systems 4PT’s HardStop™ technology integrates payer-specific rules into both admin and therapist  workflows, monitoring 43 payer requirements, real-time, while data is entered.  Therefor, if any payer rule(s) aren’t satisfied, that claim is not submitted for payment and is quarantined on a “Treatments Not Billable” list.   By contrast, your current billing system submits “dirty” claims, without warning, every day.

Systems 4PT’s clean claims will increase your revenue and get you paid faster!

3. Billers Using Systems 4PT Spend Their Time Collecting Your Money

Systems 4PT’s technology automates 25% of your biller’s current workload. Because of this, one quarter of how your biller currently spends their time each day isn’t just “simplified,” it’s ELIMINATED.  As a result, with Systems 4PT,  your “billers” become “collectors.”

Systems 4PT gives your biller 25% more time to spend collecting the money you’ve earned.

4. Artificial Intelligence Has Revolutionized the Systems 4PT Collections Process

Systems 4PT has harnessed the power of artificial intelligence to monitor each billing region’s payment trends and establish “payment norms” for each payer. Thus, if any claims exceed the payment norm for their specific payer, they are flagged and prioritized based on timely filing implications, dollar volume, previously identified “payer anomalies,” and other factors.  The prioritized list is then used to attack your most important unpaid claims first.

Systems 4PT’s five-year trend of stable collections TOTALLY contradicts what you’ve experienced with your EMR and billing software.

The problem isn’t you.  The problem is the EMR and billing software you’re using.

Systems 4PT has solved the problem. And we’d like to share the solution with you.

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