Reimbursement Trend for First Quarter, 2018

Systems4PT has analyzed the Reimbursement Trend for 2018 January – March nation-wide “collections per claim” and compared results with prior years.

Our Findings:

  • 2018  Reimbursement rates are stable with 2017
  • 2018 rates are well-above prior years
  • 2018  rates are 6.1% above 2014 Jan-March actual levels

Reimbursement Trend Collections Per Claim By Year

Many practice owners make the mistake of thinking:

Declining reimbursements are the “New Normal” in outpatient rehab.

Don’t Believe it!

Your EMR has really, really good marketing.
But your EMR has really, really lousy billing (that’s not even integrated).

The short video, below, shows why your reimbursements are declining and then demonstrates how Systems4PT has solved each of the problems.

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