One Simple Question That Defines Your Billing Quality

This question defines whether your billing and collections are under control:

Over the past four years, have your reimbursements

  • Increased?
  • Stayed the same?
  • Or declined?

Systems4PT practices have increased collections per claim, each year, for the past 4 years in a row.

By far, the highest quality collections performance in outpatient rehab

It’s time to stop delivering A+ patient treatment for C+ reimbursements.  You deserve to be fairly reimbursed.

Give us a call.  We’re happy to demonstrate:

  • Precisely why Systems4PT practices are paid more than you are
    • How our technology guides your staff to create clean claims that get paid
    • How the biller’s time is spent collecting claims not paid because of payer error
  • How you will cut your documentation time in half vs. your outdated checklist EMR
  • How you can convert to Systems4PT without stress
  • All for 1/3 lower cost vs. what you pay to day for EMR and billing.

Treat More, Type Less™