Notice:  To Convert EMR / Billing on Jan 1st, You Must Act NOW

It is common for practice owners to plan EMR conversions around the new year.  It makes sense for accounting reasons, as well as taking advantage of the lull in patient visits.

What’s often overlooked is the lead time.

Low-service EMRs tell you they can install, “next week”, (which is very risky for your practice).

We won’t install your practice until all payers are set up and are ready to pay claims from the new billing software.   Systems4PT’s Onboarding Team handles this paperwork, coordination and follow-through for your practice.  With Medicare, the associated changes in EDI can take up to three weeks.

Three weeks prior to 1/1/18 is December 11th.  Which means:

You have one month to thoroughly research EMR/Billing software.

When researching updated technology,
practice owners typically have 3 priorities:

1.Faster EMR

2.Improve Collections

3.Lower Monthly Costs

Systems 4PT is the undisputed leader in each of these categories:

Faster EMR

Document an eval and some notes on your own computer with our hands-on documentation trial.  You won’t see a sales pitch.  You will see how to document an eval in half the time vs. any other EMR.

Superior Collections

We average 9% higher collections vs. the practice’s prior approach to billing (we measure before and after collections with each installation).   Want proof?  While collections have declined, industry wide, Systems4PT practices have enjoyed higher collections per claim each year, for the past 4 years.   Nothing else comes close.

Lower Cost

During our discussion, we will detail your current monthly costs for EMR and billing.  With Systems4PT, your documentation time will be cut in half, collections will be 9% higher, at a cost that’s 35% less than you’re paying today.

Nothing Else Comes Close

Treat More, Type Less

Make a Positive Change for the New Year

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