More Telehealth Billing Changes

In the current climate, telehealth billing rules are dynamic, fluid and unpredictable. They are changing day by day.

The reason that industry blogs, your EMR’s cheat sheets and late-night social media chats have not gotten you paid is that payers continue to change their telehealth submission rules.

Systems4PT manages telehealth claim submission for our practices.

You sign the telehealth claim

We add the necessary place of service codes and modifiers

We get the claim paid

Systems4PT has the benefit of overseeing tens of thousands of treatments every day.  This volume of data gives us the ability to test hundreds of telehealth submission permutations and then apply the winning combination to each of that payers’ claims, state-wide.

That’s how Systems4PT operates.

Your EMR has let you down.  They’ve left you in a dangerous world of declining patient visits and skyrocketing claim rejections.

Systems4PT’s perspective is simple:

Your job is not to learn a new billing language!

  • Your focus needs to be on your family
  • Prioritize your patients
  • Keep everyone safe
  • Guide your practice through the most challenging economic crisis of your life

It’s your EMR’s job to get telehealth claims paid.

Read the Telehealth Billing Testimonials from our customers.  Isn’t this what you need today?

Watch our 6 Reasons Why Your Telehealth Claims Aren’t Paid video to see how Sytsems4PT has solved the problem.

Take a look at our System Overview Video that demonstrates how our EMR delivers twice the compliance in half the time, with an average 9.6% improvement in reimbursements, for 1/3 less than what you’re sending today for EMR and billing.

As telehealth rules CONTINUE to change

It’s time for you think about changing EMR

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