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  1. If takeback/bonus results are zero, then your practice is below the MIPS threshold
  2. If your practice documents on Paper
    • Referral sources will avoid your practice because you are not interoperable (you cannot electronically share data)
      • If your practice is not interoperable, it likely won’t survive

Now that You Know Where You Stand with MIPS

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Each following categories is important when it comes to MIPS.

Learn more about each section and how they affect your clinic.


Systems 4PT is one of the few EMRs that provides integrated patient outcome reporting, at no charge.  We also quantify therapist efficiency, (because “Cost” is another component of the MIPS score).  While several independent outcome analysis tools are available, they charge by therapist, by month (every month) and are not integrated with EMR.

MIPS’s nickname is “Pay for Progression”.  Question:  How will you succeed, when competing against other practice’s progression, when your practice has no way to measure its own progression?  The answer is, you probably won’t.

Since mid-2018, thousands of rehab practices have been measuring and improving their outcomes.  MIPS “is a competition between practices”.  If other practices improve more rapidly than yours does (because you can’t measure patient progression), you’ll likely find yourself paying the 7% to 9% takebacks (which are given to the winning practices).

If you want to know which EMR will succeed best with MIPS, simply identify the EMR that provides the data needed to succeed with MIPS.


Systems 4PT is the only EMR that recommends PQRS coding and defensive documentation to the therapist.  PQRS was last submitted in 2016.  At that time, using a 3 to 7-minute workflow, 60% of the market satisfied PQRS requirements, (40% failed).  Whereas, in 2016, 99.3% of Systems4PT therapists complied with PQRS, and our workflow took only 10 seconds.

It’s not your therapists’ job to master the 10,000+ potential PQRS code combinations.  Their job it to maximize patient progression!

If you want to know which EMR will perform best with MIPS, simply identify the EMR that has delivered the highest compliance with the components of MIPS.  (The answer is Systems 4PT)


Interoperability is the ability to electronically send and receive patient healthcare information with other medical providers.  The electronic communication is not sent via fax.  Interoperability is push-button submission or retrieval, operating at the speed of light.  Therapists can send plans of care, directly to the referring doctor.  Or therapists can access surgical reports, imaging, PCP notes, which is displayed on their computer.  There’s no lag time associated with “print a document, send a fax, receive a fax, deliver the fax to the therapist”.

Interoperability is an expensive technology which costs many hundreds of thousands of dollars to develop.  While most EMRs can’t afford to offer it, Systems4PT interoperability is provided at no charge.

Interoperability is required by MIPS in 2020, however, Systems4PT provides interoperability in 2019.  Systems4PT practices will be aggressively communicating to referral sources, “We’re interoperable.  We’re fast and easy to work with.  It’s time to deemphasize low-tech paper, fax-based practices”.   With interoperable communication, referral sources will quickly abandon paper-based practices.

Patient Engagement

“Improvement Activities” are required by MIPS in 2019.  This includes direct, electronic communication from the practice to the patient.  Looking at interoperability and patient engagement, it’s obvious that CMS wants all communication to be electronic, and they mean now!  Systems4PT Patient Relationship Module satisfies CMS high and moderate-weighted activities.  In addition, we leverage this electronic, patient-direct communication with a robust, high-tech marketing capabilities aimed at vastly increasing your direct access patient referrals.

A word of caution:  Beware of EMR software that charges extra for their patient relationship module.   These nickel-dime-pirates know that the CMS requires patient engagement.  Realizing that you have no choice, they force you to pay extra for the technology, swindling you out of thousands of dollars each year!  Systems4PT’s Patient relationship module is provided at no charge.


Has your EMR been communicating about MIPS throughout 2018?  Systems4PT has been developing MIPS technologies since 2017.  As discussed, many of these solutions are expensive, long lead time projects.   If your EMR is not clearly communicating how they will measure outcomes and cost, or provide interoperability and patient engagement, then they’re setting your practice up to fail.

At its core, MIPS forces us all to embrace technology.  If your low-tech EMR is not on the forefront of these topics, your practice will suffer.

Systems4PT provides the fastest, most-compliant MIPS workflow in outpatient rehab.  Our goal is have the highest percentage of MIPS-bonus practices in the industry.  We hope you’re part of the celebration!