The reason you’re intimidated or confused by MIPS is because MIPS is a mess.

  • There are millions of possible MIPS permutations – with each patient
  • MIPS covers all payers, even self-pay
  • MIPS rules are different for different patient age groups
  • The CMS hasn’t fully clarified MIPS rules for 2019
  • MIPS has significantly changed from what was anticipated and will continue to change, in unpredictable ways, every year in the future
  • MIPS adds 12 minutes to your workflow, adds 300-500 extra words of required defensive documentation, and adds $1,300 (or more) expense per therapist, each year

Yup.  Intimidating and confusing.

The Obvious Answer:

Thriving with MIPS requires this mindset:  The CMS is not judging and punishing your practice with an army of employees. The CMS is using a SUPER computer.

The only way to thrive with MIPS is to use your own SUPER computer.

Systems 4PT is the only EMR that incorporates this level of technology.

Our results speak for themselves:

  • The highest demonstrated MIPS compliance in outpatient rehab
  • A 20-second MIPS workflow
  • The only no charge end-to-end MIPS functionality, complete with QCDR submission

Your EMR wastes time, wastes money, and invites human error.

Our SUPER computer solves the problem.

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