Our 10/11/16 blog discussed that outpatient rehabilitation is a leader in the use of artificial intelligence in healthcare https://www.systems4pt.com/outpatient-rehab-leading-development-artificial-intelligence-healthcare. The world’s most sophisticated doctors are using advanced EMR that researches evidence and automates compliant documentation.

The APTA recently published an article exploring another benefit of automated documentation. That article discussed the necessity for mining therapist documentation to enable evidence-based analysis. However, there is a problem: Given the wide variety of therapist documentation styles, data mining and analysis is not possible.

For this reason, the article discussed that, “manual data entry is not sustainable,” and said that standardized computer documentation protocols offer a viable alternative to manual documentation, offering the potential to broaden the adoption and use of registries for quality improvement efforts, which in turn could lead to initiatives to improve the quality of care.

Thousands of therapists are enjoying the benefits of automated documentation every day.

Evidence-based automation is happening. It is supported. And it is inevitable.

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