It’s Time to Get Value Out of Outcomes

Functional outcome tests have turned into “one more busywork task required by payers,” however, we’re already tracking outcomes. Where’s the value in this extra time spent?

  • You know if your patient is progressing. You don’t need some test score to tell you that
  • When was the last time you compared your patient progression with other practices?
  • When was the last time the APTA used outcomes to demonstrate that PT/ OT is the low-cost, high-progression alternative to surgery or medications?

Systems 4PT’s patent pending Evidence-Based Technology uses artificial intelligence to analyze patient outcomes both from within your practice and from our nationwide database.

For instance, our technology identifies the patient’s diagnosis and risk factors and then analyzes hundreds of millions of datapoints to identify the treatment plans that are proven to yield the highest progression.  Think of it as if Google searched, “The top 4 nationwide treatment plans for recurring sciatica for obese, sedentary 60- to 65-year-olds who smoke.”

Evidence-Based Technology puts therapists in the role they were educated to fill:  “Scientist.”

That is, therapists can analyze a palate of treatment plans that are proven to be most effective.  Statistics such as number of visits, data sample size, and before and after severity including standard deviation are included.

In other words, based on their clinical judgment, the therapist will select a plan, modify a plan, or create their own treatment plan.  In all scenarios, Evidence-Based Technology continues to analyze results, searching for the treatment plan that maximizes progression for each diagnosis/risk factor combination.

“Virtual Corroboration” takes place as the therapist reviews and adds to footnotes and comments written by others.

Compliance is bolstered as the plan of care (documented in the evaluation) is automated, citing the hundreds of thousands of patients who were included in the analysis and providing statistical proof that the chosen treatment plan will restore the identified functional deficit(s) for this patient’s specific diagnosis and risk factors.  This patent pending verbiage is “built on the fly,” is touch free, and is PERFECTLY suited for tomorrow’s world of “Pay for Progression.”

Using Evidence-Based Technology,  every patient is part of the therapist’s scientific quest to constantly improve patient outcomes.

Therapists are free to apply their clinical judgment and alter the statistically superior treatment plans based on their own experience.   As such, for the first time in their careers, therapists will see the impact that their specific changes in treatment have on patient outcomes in real time.

Finally, Systems 4PT believes that the result of this “constant improvement” environment will be historic levels of improvement in patient progression that will bolster outpatient rehab’s positioning and recognized value amidst other sectors of healthcare.

Evidence-Based Technology enables therapists to finally live in the world of evidence and science that they were trained to use, but never had the tools to participate in.

Evidence-Based Technology is being tested in the field today and will soon be delivering higher patient outcomes to thousands of practices.

And that’s the value in tracking outcomes.