Increase Revenue by 9% with Outsourcing

Virtually every successful company (Apple, Google, Intel, etc.) outsources. They know the axiom that “everyone should do what they’re good at” is true.
Your passion centers on maximizing patient outcomes, innovating new treatment techniques, and truly changing your patients’ lives, so you should do what you’re good at and what you enjoy – treating patients – and delegate what you’re not passionate about and what you don’t enjoy – billing and collections.

A Competent Billing and Collections Company:

  • Oversees tens of thousands of treatments per day and has a broader “scope” than a practice employee could ever have
  • Utilizes “big data” trends to clarify what gets paid
  • Builds payer rules into your EMR, guiding employees toward clean claims
  • Invests millions of dollars in proprietary technology to win against the payers’ technology
  • Emphasizes calls and then measures collections. The payer has your cash. The more calls that are made, the more of your cash is collected
  • Provides EMR and superior collections for much less than you’re paying today
In our experience, practice payments increase an average of 9.2% vs. their prior approach to billing. And costs decrease by about one third.

Realize the full potential of your practice by partnering with the best talent in the industry and devoting all of your energy to achieving your core vision.

Treat More, Type Less™