Hands-On EMR Trial – See for yourself how fast our documentation is

You would LOVE faster documentation.

But you’re not convinced that other systems are significantly faster.  Here’s the answer, the Systems4PT hands-on EMR trial:


  • Systems4PT’s hands-on trial allows you to document evals, daily notes and re-evals on your own computer.
  • This experience intuitively communicates just how blazing fast our EMR is.
  • It will also clarify that your current EMR is an unacceptable waste of your time.


  • You will be amazed that Systems4PT documentation is significantly more compliant than how you currently work.
  • Simply put, you don’t have time to document the volumes of evidence and support that are automated in our notes. (By the way, this evidence is required if you want to be compliant.)

Our therapists regularly:

  • Treat 10 to 12 patients per day
  • Document at point of care (when they’re done treating the patient, they’re done writing the note)
  • Go home at 6:00 (instead of catching up on documentation)
  • And receive compliments during audits.

 Click the button below. 

  • We will contact you to set up the documentation trial at a convenient time.
  • There’s no charge – There’s no sales pitch.

Prepare to be impressed

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