Function Before Fame

Systems 4PT was founded in 2002. We have five corporate offices and thousands of customers nationwide.

Many therapists view our technology and ask:

“Your eval takes half the time of anything I’ve ever seen. The compliance in your notes is beyond what I knew was required. Why have I never seen you at a trade show? Why isn’t your company higher profile?”

Software is a tight business because savvy practice owners demand low prices and high value. The result: Every software provider makes the strategic decision:

“Will we invest our profits in building a corporate image and aggressively advertising basic functionality?


“Will we invest our profits in innovating technology that truly revolutionizes the industry?

We chose technology and now Systems 4PT is the industry’s technological leader. Our strategy is not driven by marketing. Systems 4PT is driven by innovation.

We spend our time and money inventing ways to help you treat more and type less.