Exceptional MIPS Scores Continue!

Great MIPS Scores Are Even Better Now

In April 2019, Systems 4PT updated its customers on their trending MIPS scores.  Nationwide, Systems 4PT practices averaged a trending score of 94 points.

With Q2 in the books, we’re once again communicating YTD scores to each of our practices.

Through Q2, the average trending MIPS score of Systems 4PT practices improved to 94.8 points.

This is a true and reportable average.  While most of our practices’ trending scores exceed 100 points, we capped those scores at 100 to calculate a true and reportable stat.

How to Quickly Make Your MIPS Scores Great

Systems 4PT Practices:

  • Use our 20-second MIPS workflow
  • Comply with the required 200-500 words of MIPS-specific, defensive documentation
  • Submit data via a QCDR registry
  • Receive detailed MIPS updates on a quarterly basis
  • Average 94.8 points, which is deep in “Bonus Territory”
  • At no extra charge

Our Recommendations for Your Practice

  • Stop wasting time on MIPS
  • Stop losing sleep, worrying about the downside of unknown MIPS scores
  • Stop paying extra for inept MIPS support, and

Upgrade to a more trustworthy EMR. 

Upgrade to Systems 4PT.

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