Everyone is Noticing Deteriorating EMR Service

Practice owners are not happy about deterioration of communication, service and follow through from several well known EMRs in outpatient rehab. The familiar management, the family feel, the “call me any time” accessibility to the owners are long gone.

Several EMRs are now owned by banks. Practice owners suspect that they are cutting staff as accessibility and reaction to problems are noticeably deteriorating.

Therapists researching EMR increasingly tell us, “I need to verify what you’re saying. No offense, but my EMR has trained me not to trust them”.
All of this is completely normal as our market matures and consolidates. EMRs who grew too fast or weren’t focused on the details ran out of money and were taken over by banks. The banks then sell the EMR other banks (for 8-figures). Their focus isn’t on outpatient rehab, their focus is selling the EMR for an even higher price. How does this help your practice?

Systems 4PT is 18 years old. We are owned and managed by our founding management team. We are stable, profitable and growing within our means. We don’t acquire companies and break them, rather we vertically integrate. We don’t tell you we’re the most trusted and then treat you like a number. Rather, we answer the phone (with no hold que), we strive to resolve all tickets daily, and every customer has access to our owners.

Systems 4PT EMR delivers twice the compliance in half the time of any other EMR in outpatient rehab. Our average collections per claim have INCREASED in the last eight years and are 8.8% higher than the average collections per claim reported by our competition.

Our response to telehealth tells the story: While every other EMR provided custom coding fields and said, “figuring out telehealth is on you”, Sytsems4PT told our customers, “Just sign the telehealth claims. We’ll add the necessary place of service codes and modifiers. Your job is to treat the patient. Our job is to get the telehealth claim paid”. That’s how a real partner acts.

All of this is why Systems 4PT’s customer satisfaction is 67% higher than the next leading EMR.

If you’re disappointed in your once-reliable EMR, if you find yourself wishing for a reliable business partner, someone whom you can trust . . . Give us a call.



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