EMR pricing can be deceptive. Do you know the “tricks”?

Do you feel betrayed by how your EMR advertises pricing?

A leading EMR advertises, “Honest pricing, starting at $3.00 per day”. Sounds great, doesn’t it?

Below is a comparison of Systems 4PT’s “one price” fee structure vs. the other leading EMR’s “honest” $3.00 per day pricing:

By the way, Systems4PT’s “one price” fee is 30% less than what you spend today for EMR and billing.

Can you trust an EMR when you can’t trust their pricing?

We’re happy to show you how Systems4PT delivers:

  • Twice the Medicare compliance, documented in half the time
  • Average collections that average 9.6% higher vs. your current performance
  • For 30% less than you spend today for EMR and billing

The above is why Systems 4PT enjoys the highest customer satisfaction of any EMR in outpatient rehab.

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