Your EMR May Have Moved Billing & Collections Off Shore

In our most recent White Paper, we discuss using Artificial Intelligence in our fully integrated billing system that guides your staff towards submitting clean claims (A New, Golden Era for Outpatient Rehab). This sophisticated technology can be compared to another leading EMR, which does not have a fully integrated billing system, and has decided to outsource their billing and collections to a South Asian country – a truly scary approach. In addition to the inherent security risks, there is no way a company in a foreign country can understand and keep up with all the rule changes and intricacies of outpatient rehab, the most complex billing environment in all of medicine.

Again, by comparison, and consistent with the guiding principles of our Corporate Philosophy (please see below), Systems 4 PT’s fully integrated system does all of the billing and collections work right here in the “good old USA” with highly trained, American personnel. Moreover, Systems 4 PT costs less than the EMR that is sending billing and collections overseas to people who have no loyalty to you or your business, and limited knowledge of the American billing environment.

The bottom line: Systems 4PT is the premier EMR. It is fast, affordable, expert, and secure. Simply stated, we will collect more money for you and we will collect it faster. We strongly believe in the promising future of Outpatient Rehab and know that we can best serve your needs by utilizing the finest labor force in the world – American professionals.

Corporate Philosophy

Our goal is to be the premier supplier of practice management software and billing/collection services for outpatient rehab clinics. Our focus is people – customers, team members, and vendors – working together to accomplish our goal.

We will succeed because:

We are passionate about helping therapists treat their patients, so we proactively analyze our customers’ objectives and invent streams of innovative operating software and collection techniques to achieve those objectives

We consistently employ leading-edge technologies to provide simple, direct, intuitive, “designed for delight” operating systems

We stay lean, competitive, and entrepreneurial

We concentrate on detail because the last 5% is often the difference between success and failure

We proudly use American talent and technology whenever possible

We govern our every deed by what is “just and right”

Joseph S. Montgomery

President & Founder