MIPS, MACRA and the Elephant in the Room

Therapists want to know more about MIPS/MACRA, but every blog delivers the same message: “Final rules and requirements have not yet been released”.

While PQRS reporting is not required in 2018, most of this exact workflow will be return as part of MIPS/MACRA.  Perspective:  What you thought was an unacceptable waste of time (PQRS) is just a small part of what’s coming.

MIPS/MACRA Has Been Described as, “PQRS on Steroids”

As such, we need to discuss, “The elephant in the room”.


Most therapists say that it took 5 to 7 minutes to report PQRS with web based PT EMR.  The more-complex MIPS/MACRA will require 10, 15 minutes (or more).   Are you “OK” with that?

Systems4 PT practice owners typically completed PQRS in 10 to 15 seconds.  We’ll use this same technology to simplify MIPS/MACRA.

20% of Practices Failed PQRS – MIPS/MACRA Will be Worse

Check list EMR required therapist to be expert on PQRS rules.   Using this approach with MIPS/MACRA is a recipe for failure.

Using Systems4 PT, 99.88% of therapists complied with PQRS (in 10 to 15 seconds).  The same will be true with MIPS/MACRA.

Wise Perspective

We urge you to dwell on the following points, and then address the elephant:

  1. Perfect MIPS/MACRA participation will not help the patient
    • Yes, you could spend 15 to 20 minutes and try to comply with MIPS/MACRA
    • But doing so will not help the patient
      • To the extent it lowers hands-on treatment, it will hurt the patient
  1. Your job is NOT to submit perfect MIPS/MACRA
    • Your job is to restore the patient’s functional deficits
    • Better tools will take care of healthcare reform reporting
  1. Medicare will not judge your MIPS/MACRA with an “army of employees”
    • Medicare will be judging your MIPA/MACRA performance with a “super computer”

If You Allow Medicare’s Technology to Improve Faster Than Yours,

It’s the Beginning of the End

  • The way to thrive amidst healthcare reform, is to use your own “super computer” to submit perfect, compliant MIPS/MACRA
    • And spend your time hands-on treating the patient

The Elephant in the Room

Today, your largest barrier to hands-on treatment is slow EMR.  With MIPS/MACRA, it’s going to get a lot worse, directly impacting reimbursements.    Every day it becomes clearer:  Your web based PT EMR has wonderful marketing, but inadequate technology.

Systems4 PT’s technology will cut your eval time in half.  Leaving more time for hands-on treatment. Video: Watch us Document an Eval in Half the Time

Prove it to yourself with a hands-on EMR trial.

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