Eight Examples How Your EMR is Hurting Your practice. 

And How Systems 4PT Fixes Each of Them.

Billing Integration

Your EMR: Billing is not integrated.  Deductible & coinsurance balances due are not visible during patient check in.  This lowers your revenue by 4%.

Systems 4PT: Billing is integrated in the same database as EMR.  Deductible & Coinsurance balances are displayed & collected during patient check in

Patient Visit Count

Your EMR:  Because patient visits aren’t counted as “consumed” until the note is signed, more visits can be opened than are authorized

Systems 4PT: Visits  are counted as consumed when the note is opened. The patient visit count is accurate, and you don’t treat for free

Eval Documentation

Your EMR:  Patients report pain, aggravating/relieving factors, concerns, medical history, PLOF and meds on intake.  The therapist types all this a second time in the eval

Systems 4PT: All this patient data is imported into the eval from the Automated Check In patient portal.  Treat More, Type Less™

Therapist Burnout

Your EMR:  Encourages therapists to ask for more time off

Systems 4PT: Innovates faster EMR that eliminates documentation homework, the major cause of therapist burnout

MIPS Support

Your EMR:  No scoring updates through the year.  Practices could improve but are not alerted to problems

Systems 4PT: Quarterly MIPS updates, by measure.  Practices react & improve their scores.  Average 2020 trending score: 95.2 points


Your EMR:  Rationalizes low collections by reporting continually declining reimbursements, industry wide.

Systems 4PT: The addition of new technology has  increased average collections per claim each year, for the past 7 years.

9% Medicare Fee Schedule Cuts

Your EMR:  Tells you to advocate

Systems 4PT: Supports advocacy, but also offers 3 different ways to fully offset Medicare’s 9% payment cuts.

Appointment Reminders, Scan Storage, Outcomes Tracking, QCDR MIPS Submission, Patient Satisfaction Surveys

Your EMR:  Additional add on charges for each of these

Systems 4PT: Provided at no additional charge.  EMR, billing & all the extras for 30% less than you spend today.

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