Nearly everyone has accepted the “New Normal” of declining reimbursements.

Not us.

In the past five years, Systems 4PT has invested millions of dollars in technology to offset the payers’ technology.

Today we utilize artificial intelligence to analyze all payer trends in your state, identifying problem claims before they are 30 days past due.

cpc5yearThe results are unmatched in outpatient rehabilitation:

  • Our practices average an 18 day collection cycle, vs. an industry average in the 50’s. This stat includes WC & MV. – What’s your number?
  • In the past five years our nation-wide collections per claim have increased 11.7%. – How ‘bout yours?

We agree, your biller is wonderful!

But she can’t outsmart your payer’s computer that makes a billion decisions per second.

We agree, your outsource billing company is comfortable, a known entity.

Because they are using “yesterday’s approach” to billing, they are costing you (a lot of) money.

Our typical results:

  • Integrated Focus Collections increases your collections per claim, double digit
  • At a 30% lower cost vs. what you’re paying today