Collections Per Visit Increasing Double Digit.

Here’s How it Happened.

Our previous blog discussed the 4% increase in May 2020 collections per visit for Systems4PT practices.

Telehealth claims are paying very reliably.  Systems4PT automates the six requirements for telehealth payments for over 12,000 payers nationwide.

Today, we focus on the success that Systems4PT practices enjoyed in January 2020.

Our practices’ January 2020 average collections per visit were 15% higher vs. the prior 3-year average!   

In an industry besieged with complaints about “continually declining reimbursements” how did Systems 4PT practices average a 15% increase in collections per claim?  And how did they do it in January, which traditionally is a low revenue month?

The answer:  This success resulted from our practices’ smart work and attention to detail.  The double-digit increase followed a nationwide focus on collecting patient deductibles and  coinsurance during intake.  Because patient deductibles reset at new years, January was the perfect time for this coordinated focus.

Revenue collected form patients in January 2020​

Was DOUBLE the dollars collected in the prior three-year average​

By focusing on patient deductibles and coinsurance due, our practices’ overall collections per claim increased by 15%!

This stunning success is not possible with most EMRs.  The majority of EMRS in our industry (including the biggest) don’t integrate billing in the same database as scheduling and EMR.  As such, in most practices, when the patient owes $437 deductible, the front desk sees, $ 0.00 due”.

Systems 4PT delivers an average 9.6% increase in collections per claim vs. our practices’ prior approach to billing.  (We check before and after with each installation)​ The following make up the other 5.6% increase in claims:

  • Front desk visibility of deductibles/coinsurance due accounts for about 4% of our observed increased collections
  • Patient Eligibility Technology
  • Integrated payer rules with HardStop™ validation
  • Automated telehealth place of service codes & modifiers
  • An industry leading 99.87% first pass claim acceptance rate
  • And A.I. Driven collections

For every $10,000 in revenue, you should be collecting 9.6% more:  $10,960.  Same treatments, same patients, same payers, just integrated billing with superior technology.

Today, reimbursements are more precious than ever.   Follow the link below to see exactly how Systems 4PT delivers higher collections (and higher customer satisfaction) than any other EMR in outpatient rehab.

Proof of Concept Delivered:  

With focus, teamwork and single database integration, ​

practices are meaningfully increasing collections

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