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FOCUS Collections is Systems 4PT’s fully integrated billing solution. Practices using FOCUS increases their collections at an average of 9.6% vs. their prior approach to billing.

FOCUS Collections spends hands on time with every claim. We leverage technology to collect more cash in less time than any other EMR. Specifically, we use artificial intelligence to guide collections. Artificial intelligence establishes “payment standards” for every payer by analyzing every claim for every patient in your region. Our system then tells a FOCUS member which claims to work, and in what order as claims are prioritized according to payor’s payment tendencies.

Completely managed in our U.S. offices, Systems 4PT employees manage 100% of the billing & insurance collections work. Our intimacy with outpatient rehab protocols, an emphasis on “when in doubt, call the payer”, and the ability to communicate back and forth with your staff has proven to maximize collection results.

The FOCUS Collection teams is working claims in 15 – 18 days vs. waiting for 30- or 45-days past due to make collection calls. With an industry that averages collections in 45 days, Systems 4PT’s FOCUS Collections averages a 17-day collection cycle. This stat includes workers comp, L&I, and motor vehicle claims.

We offer a 9.6% average increase in collections paired with our fully integrated EMR for 30% less than any other billing company charges. Get more money and get it faster when you use Systems 4PT’s FOCUS collections.

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