An Easy Way to Increase Revenue by 3% to 4%

The president of another leading EMR recently presented a webinar discussing:

If front desk staff don’t collect patient payments during intake,

the practice will probably never collect the money.

That EMR’s president was so emphatic, she also commented:

“Letting patients leave without paying for their treatment can seriously affect your bottom line.

If you don’t collect patient payments at the point of service, you can say ‘sayonara’ to a lot of revenue.”

Practices using this EMR are shocked at such a tone-deaf statement (maybe you’re one of them).

These practice owners complain:

“How can she lecture us, ‘Collect money on intake’

when her EMR doesn’t communicate co-insurance and deductible amounts due on intake!?”

These practice owners complain that deductible and co-insurance balances, transferred to the patient by the biller, are not communicated to the front desk, because billing is a separate software program.”

Four questions for you:

  1. Why would use an EMR that tells you “half-truths” about integrated billing?
  2. Why would you knowingly accept revenue that is 3% to 4% lower than it should be?
  3. Why would you then pay that EMR’s add-on charges for marketing tools that are presented as “the best way to increase revenue”?
  4. Why would you work with an EMR whom you really can’t trust?

Systems 4PT would like to show you:

  • EMR, scheduling, billing, reporting, and outcomes that are all integrated within a single database
  • Reimbursements that are 9% higher, on average (the 3% to 4% discussed above is only part of their problem)
  • EMR with twice the compliance, documented in half the time
  • All for about 1/3 less than you’re spending today for billing and collections.

It’s time to say “sayonara” to your underperforming EMR.

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