The Portal That Revolutionized an Industry

When checking in for their evaluations, your patients fill out 3-10 pages of questions covering medical history, pain, medications, functional outcome test questions, and more.

Your EMR forces to re-enter the same information into every evaluation.

Systems 4PT’s “Automated Check In” is a patient portal that enables patients to enter this data in advance, either from home or in the practice.

Our revolutionary technology digitizes the patient’s intake answers and recommends complete documentation for the 11 evaluation topics listed below:

  1. Patient’s Greatest Concern
  2. Prior Level of Function
  3. Pain Scale
  4. Outcome Test Name, Date, and Score
  5. Medical History
  6. Current Medications, Dosage, Frequency, and Route of Intake
  7. Your unique 20-50 Row Treatment Plan, Archived from Your Diagnosis and Risk-Factor-Specific Library
  8. Primary Functional Deficit With Forecasted Ending Severity
  9. Functional Goals That Relate to the Primary Deficit
  10. Defense of the Eval Complexity Code
  11. Clinical Rationale Defending Every CPT Code in the Treatment Plan, Relative to the Primary Functional Deficit

1,250 words are presented to you, in your evaluation, in the blink of an eye.

This is the future of EMR. Since 2013, our therapists have spent more time treating their patients and less time documenting redundant information.

You’re invited to experience the industry’s fastest, most-compliant evaluation firsthand with our “Hands on Consult” where you document an evaluation on your own computer.

Our Automated Check-In Patient Portal lowers your eval documentation time by 50%

We invite you to join the revolution.

Treat More, Type Less™