7 Reasons Why the Biggest EMR Isn’t Necessarily the Best

There is absolutely no doubt:

The biggest EMR in our industry

Is not the best EMR in our industry

Here’s what Systems 4PT does better:

  1. Cuts eval documentation time in half (watch the video)
  2. Enables point-of-care daily note documentation. When the patient leaves the practice, the note is signed
  3. Practically eliminates documentation homework and minimizes therapist burnout (watch the video)
  4. Delivers 100-point Medicare audit compliance (read the interview)
  5. Averages 10% higher reimbursements, collected in 20% fewer days (watch the video)
  6. Averages a 94.8 trending MIPS score nationwide, with a 20-second, no-charge MIPS workflow
  7. Costs less than you pay today for EMR and billing

With Systems 4PT there are no obtuse, meaningless marketing claims. You just get a faster and more compliant EMR that delivers higher reimbursements.

In an outpatient rehab internet chatroom, a therapist recently asked, “which EMR is best?”  One of the answers mentioned the big web-based PT EMR in our industry, who constantly states, “We’re the biggest.  We’re the best.”

The practice owner who was searching for EMR presented an insightful reply:

“I know the web-based PT EMR is the biggest.  That’s about all I know about them.  Their rationale is that they’re the best because they’re the biggest.

But McDonald’s sells the most hamburgers.  Is anyone in this conversation suggesting that McDonald’s makes the best hamburger?

My question isn’t, “which EMR is biggest? My question is, which EMR is best?”

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