12 Examples of How Systems 4PT
Solves the Problems Caused by Your Web Based PT EMR

  1. With Systems 4PT you can document a Medicare eval in half the time of the web based evaluation – With significantly higher compliance
  2. With Systems 4PT, therapists can view scans from within the patient chart instead of navigating out of the EMR to the scanning module (saves over a dozen clicks vs. web based EMR)
  3. With Systems 4PT, therapists can document and sign daily notes at point of care instead of working late to catch up on unsigned notes
  4. With Systems 4PT, changing EMR screens takes less than a second.  Web based PT EMR often has 10, 20 second delays, or longer.   The concept that each therapist wastes 10 minutes each day, waiting for screens to change, is NUTS!
  5. Soon, payers will require that eval code complexity is defended on every eval (100 – 200 words of defensive documentation).  Systems4PT does this in fewer than 30 seconds vs. the 15 minutes required with any other EMR
  6. Systems 4PT technology integrates with the payer’s computer (for major payers) and verifies insurance eligibility, patient name, demographics, ID and group #’s, copay, coinsurance, remaining deductible, and remaining Medicare cap dollars – instantly, automatically, and at no charge
  7. Systems 4PT’s integrated payer rules guide your front desk staff to comply with payer requirements, creating clean claims that get paid. Web-based PT doesn’t.
  8. Systems 4PT’s billing is integrated in the same database as scheduling, EMR, and management reporting
  • With Systems 4PT, patient co-pay, co-insurance, and deductible charges transfer from billing to the front desk because billing is integrated in the same database.  This provides a 5% increase in revenue vs. web based PT EMR, which does not transfer this data to the front desk
  • With Systems 4PT, the front desk enters the patient’s co-pay, deductible, or co-insurance, it auto posts in the billing module touch-free because billing is integrated in the same database.  Non-integrated web based billing requires a 2nd round of posting (waste of time).
  1. With Systems 4PT, the practice owner decides who has access to PHI from outside the practice as well as what computers are allowed to be used.
    1. Web based PT EMR advertises, “Any user can access your PHI from any computer, anywhere, anytime”.
    2. This can easily result in unauthorized access/distribution, which is the #1 HIPAA violation according to the Dept. of HHS.
  2. Systems 4PT management reporting measures profit
  • By referral source
  • By payor
  • By therapist
    1. You can’t do any of that, today.
  1. Following Systems 4PT protocols (we provide no charge business coaching), practice owners enjoy a six-figure salary and 10% pretax profit
  2. Systems4PT is 1/3 less expensive than web based PT EMR

Systems 4PT is the fastest growing EMR in outpatient rehab.  Systems 4PT is owned and managed by the management team who founded the company in 2002.  We are profitable and building cash.  The other two leading EMR systems are owned and managed by venture capital banks.

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