11 ways to lower documentation time by 14 hours per month

There’s no debate, therapists need relief from their administrative workload. Using our experience with over 100 million patient treatments, Systems 4PT has analyzed therapist workflows and has innovated solutions that eliminate 14 hours of the documentation that you currently type each month. Every month. ur workflows are explained below. We think you’ll agree, “This just make sense.”

Today, with your EMR, you are forced to re-enter the same information into every evaluation. Using Systems 4PT, patient-specific documentation appears “touch-free” for the 11 evaluation topics listed below:

  • Patient’s Greatest Concern:
  • Prior Level of Function
  • Pain Scale
  • Outcome Test Name, Date & Score
  • Medical History
  • Current Medications, Dosage, Frequency and Rout of Intake
  • Your unique 20 to 50 Row Treatment Plan, Archived From Your Diagnosis and Risk Factor Specific Library
  • Primary Functional Deficit With Forecasted Ending Severity
  • Functional Goals That Relate to the Primary Deficit
  • Defense of the Eval Complexity Code
  • Clinical Rational Defending Every CPT Code in the Treatment Plan, Relative to the Primary Functional Deficit

1,250 words presented to you in the blink of an eye.

Our technology saves the average 60-word-per-minute typist over 20 minutes during each evaluation. This adds up to over 14 hours per month that you can spend doing what you love, instead of catching up on evals over the weekend.

Are you frustrated by your current evaluation’s redundant workflow? … We think you should be…

  • Out of respect for the years of education you underwent – you didn’t go to school to be a typist
  • Out of respect for patient progression – typing doesn’t yield progression
  • Out of respect for your personal time – your evenings and weekends should time for you to recharge
  • Out of respect for your work-life balance – your friends and family are the only ones that will remember you worked late

Take 10 minutes and watch Systems4PT’s evaluation workflow. You’ll see exactly how to eliminate 14 hours of redundant documentation every month. If you’re not motivated to act, think of it this way:

The 14 hours per month you waste documenting redundant information, multiplied x 12 months = 168 hours per year.

168 hours divided by the 40 hours in a work week = 4.2

That’s over four 40-hour work weeks of time saved.

4.2 work weeks is One Full Month

Systems 4PT technology eliminates one full month of redundant data entry each year. If that doesn’t frustrate you, check your pulse.

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