Cloud-based EMR Software for Physical Therapy Offices

The first patent pending physical therapy software in outpatient rehabilitation:

  • Automated documentation with touch-free submission of integrated PQRS
  • Automated identification / documentation of functional deficits with touch-free submission of G-Codes
  • Automated evidence-based defense proves the chosen plan of care will restore identified functional deficits
  • Automated ranking of treatment plans, proven to yield the highest progression of functional deficits
  • Automated tracking of available Medicare cap dollars

“OK, we’ve looked at every other physical therapy software system out there and yours is clearly the best.

So, what’s the next step?”

We hear this over and over.  Since 2002, Systems4PT™ has documented and billed over 15 million claims and we continue to be the industry’s premier supplier of fully integrated physical therapy software. Our objectives are to help you treat your patients, grow your practice, increase your profits and, in the process, improve your life.

In pursuit of the above, Systems4PT™  virtually invented
modern-day physical therapy software:

  • The paperless physical therapy practice
  • Fully integrated scheduling, documentation, physical therapy billing, collections and management reports
  • Custom documentation
  • Computer augmented documentation (CAD)
  • Real-time payer rule validation for all departments
  • True point-of-care physical therapy software vs. “treat now and document later”
  • Maximized charge capture through PayTrend™ automated Dx/CPT coding prompts (see PayTrend™)
  • Real-time validation of Medicare direct therapy and automated CCI edits, including modifiers
  • The industry’s only automated evidence based defense
  • Profit-Based Marketing™ that orients your marketing efforts toward the referral sources with the highest reimbursements
  • Trend analysis reports for each of your vital practice stats

Physical Therapy Software 2